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Current total placements cost to NHS p/a


Average 6-year Learning Disability placement


With 2100 in hospital over 6 years cost



Rough calculations indicate that these placements are costing the NHS £3.5 billion a year. A single six year placement for someone with a Learning Disability would cost almost £2 million. Keeping 2,100 people in hospital would cost £2.5 billion over a six year period.


Out of area hospital placements 


Learning Disabilities

Average cost £3800 per week
Average length of stay 6 years


Mental Health

Average cost £2500 per week
Average length of stay 36.1 days

How does NEBS help?

Minimising out of area placement

There are 3000 people in England placed in out of area specialist mental health or learning disability hospitals and many more are placed in residential and supported living out of county.

Closer to home

NEBS will support people being placed closer to family, home and in services that more closely meet their ongoing needs and diagnosis. Improving patient journeys, experience, and clinical outcomes.

These are often hundreds of miles from family and home. The average hospital admission length for Mental health is 31 days and astoundingly, for a person with a Learning Disability it is 6 year.

Match facilities to your needs

Many patients, especially those with neurodevelopmental disorders, require highly specialist services, specific environments and a specialised staff skill mix.

Fully interoperable with your existing EPR

At its core will be complex algorithms and seamless interoperability with existing EPR systems and clinical pathways. This will ensure the correct bed is matched to the persons needs in the most time and cost efficient manner for both the commissioner and provider.

System Benefits

Benefits to patients
Closer to family
Closer to home
Closer to friends
Right environment
Right staff skillset
Quicker Recovery
Shorter stay
Family and Friends able to visit and support
Improved quality of life
Community care achieved sooner
Reduced trama & PTSD
Benefits to staff
Saves time searching
Ensures clinical match
Ensures service match
Speed in a crisis
Fewer placement failures
Reduced long term placement costs
Reduced costs in staff time searching
Better person outcomes
Access to live bed states
Access to forecast beds
Quicker step-down
Benefits to provides
Less voids
Appropriate placements
Reduce marketing costs
Reduced staff costs (relationship managers)
Improved CQC ratings
Improved relationships with family carers
Increased visibility
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